Me, inside a glacier on Spitsbergen, Svalbard.

I have an intense curiosity to explore the world and capture the idea of places. Travel photography, to me, is about communicating those ideas via pictures in order to inspire others to travel somewhere new.

I live outside right next to the in a house that my and let me share with them. In my spare time I formulate travel plans on a daily basis, avoid rows with angry , hike for miles to , write, cook and eat. Staying busy (usually) keeps me out of trouble.

While you’re here, browse my galleries to see some things that I’ve seen around the world. Also, if you’re keen on becoming a travel photographer rather than a photographing tourist, check out the ebook I edited called”Snapn Travel” by Oded Wagenstein.

My schedule says where I’m going next and why. If you’re interested in where I’ll be and could use some photos, please get in touch.