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hmsvictoryblog092014-1Previously I wrote about travelling in your own country. The novelty of living in the UK hasn’t worn off for me yet, but after several years I’ve fallen into routine and need reminders that every day is an opportunity to break routine.

Friends and family visiting from far away are great opportunities to play tourist in your own land. This past weekend my father came to visit all the way from California. I enjoyed catching up with him and seeing England from a visitor’s point of view.

Being a tourist is not necessarily a bad thing, as there are plenty of attractions that are worth visiting. Our first stop was Portsmouth, England to tour the HMS Victory. It’s hard trying to photograph heavily visited attractions in a new light. Or in this case, in an extreme lack of light, as it is quite dark inside. I think it’s deliberately kept that way to recreate the experience aboard over 200 years ago. I anticipated it would be quite tight inside as well, so I brought along a fish-eye for good measure.

Here’s a selection from that afternoon:

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